Board of Trustees

The success of a school foundation depends considerably on the vision and dedication of its leadership.  MCCEF is composed of dedicated parents, educators and business leaders within our community. Together we strive to empower, enrich and enhance our schools, teachers and students!


Julie Cunningham


Andy Pelphrey

Vice President

Chris McKee


Michele Carey


Board of Trustees:

Julie Cunningham

Missy Janney

Stokes Janney

Jimmy Laffiteau

Tammy Maglovsky

Chris McKee

April Miller

Alice Moon

Andy Pelphrey

Leana Roach

Lisa Tiegen

Advisory Board:

Laura Callahan

Anne Marie Keskonis

Memorie Reesman

Jason Lane

Kenney Wells

Ruth Westbrooks

Paul Willis

Carrie Yougel

If you are interested in being a part of the Mill Creek Cluster Education Board of Directors, please contact Julie Cunningham at [email protected]
for further information.  The Board meets monthly, and board members are expected to be actively involved in one or more aspects of our annual fundraising.